‘Could you put that in writing?’

1. I just read an article that states the above phrase used by your boss may indicate they’re considering firing you. Who would have thought?

2. The above was meant to be the shortest of my posts. Until I decided to add another sentence to it. And another one…

3. My book has been temporarily unpublished. I do apologise for being such a disorganised author. I need to change literary one sentence only and I also ordered a professionally designed cover. It didn’t need unpublishing, but…

4. My mental health was really bad the last couple of days and I felt like I am desperate for a change in my life. Isn’t that strange? I wouldn’t expect those type of thoughts will be disturbing me when I’m 45. I felt so bad that I worried that I end up selling my flat and moving to Australia if I don’t do at least something small. So on top of unpublishing my book I went semi anonymous with my blog. I am now trying to remove myself from the first page of Google results, which is not an easy thing, I’m telling you!

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