I can’t promote my book

First month after publishing ‘This autism of mine’ I wasn’t making any effords towars that promotion because people would be more focused on their Christmas shopping than reading about autism; then when I started wondering what I can do, I realised something:

My perspective seems to be so different than the current autistic narrative that I worry that I will confuse people.

First of all I am against ‘unmasking’ movement. Second, I stopped feeling different because of a certain event described in the book (and also on the blog) and I can now relate to people a little bit better. But what if that is what worked for me but it won’t work for others? Or at least they won’t be able to imagine they could ever feel differently just because they don’t have the experience I’ve got?

I was so enthusiastic when I first published the book but those couple of weeks made me realise I don’t have a single autistic person opinion on what I wrote there. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it.

I mean, of course I can ask on forums anf Facebook groups but yes, I worry I will confuse people and their negative reaction can cause me to feel different again. Not different from neurotypicals but different from other autistics. That would be the worse that can happen to me.

I allowed comments on the blog again, so if you want to comment feel free.

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