Goblin mode and my book promotion

It’s 12.40, I have to leave for work in 50 minutes. Goblin mode has been voted an expression of the year 2022. I feel like I’m in a goblin mode a lot for some time now.

I was thinking about Ashley yesterday quite a lot. I unfollowed her blog sometimes in September, when I was in psychiatric hospital because I felt the every day information about various psychiatric conditions were interfering with my recovery, but I didn’t forget about her.

Then I was focused on my studies and when I finally decided to check how she’s doing it turned out she’s no longer with us.

This information touched my soul deeply but also, on some strange level, it made me realise how lucky I am. I was through such a rough patch a few years ago but I recovered and I’m doing pretty well. Maybe not thriving but definitely coping ok and I’m looking into the future with hope.

R.I.P. Ashley. I really hope you are finally happy where you are. Maybe we will meet one day, but hopefully not too soon. I really feel like I have things to do here.

Coming back to my reality: I worked out how to make my book available on Amazon for free. Not every day – that isn’t possible but KDP Select allows 5 days of free book promotion for every quater so I decided my book will be free to download on every 10th day of the month and possibly on some other dates that have meaning for me.

I really believe autistic people need to read it; especially those who are struggling with unmasking. Mind you, John didn’t read it. He’s not into any of the autism information and he’s coping well.

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