I want to speak with mummy

It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. Not like me at all, although I do feel sometimes that I started repeating myself lately. I did state a while ago that I don’t grieve any more and here you are: now I so badly want to call my mum it’s almost painful.

Otherwise I think I’m doing well. I mean my mental health recovery. I also enjoy my job after getting used to working on a different unit. I still believe this is a very good care home where we can give residents individual attention.

I decided to publish a book on amazon: it will be a selection of posts from this blog focused on autism characteristics. Or at least how I see them. I edited them a bit and added comments. I designed my own cover using my pattern images.

It took me around ten days to collect the posts, decide on the order in which they have to be arranged and add comments. After that I’m planning to write another book about dating, then workplace politics and then I’m going to translate a novel I wrote when I first moved to the UK. Then I don’t know, but I’d like to keep writing. It’s what gives me sense of accomplishment and relief.

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