My unusual beliefs

I am perfectly aware that believing I’m on speech and language therapy delivered by the community is unusual, but what supports this theory is that I have almost no misunderstandings with people, or, to be precise, no misunderstandings that upset me, which was common a few years ago.

Or is it possible, do you think, that my mind created all of that as some kind of side effect of lack of support but it turned out to be beneficial because I’m more focused on other people and I always assume that they don’t necessarily mean what they say, they just repeat what they were told and that’s why I don’t get upset? Not every single word of course, that would be impossible to implement of course. But some things, sometimes, I just never know what exactly.

Anyway, I’m back at work this week and I’m glad, or possibly even grateful for that. It’s much better than staying at home.

I’m working on a different unit now, where residents have more advanced dementia, higher needs and some challenging behaviours around personal care, which as you know I’m not very fond of. I prefered the previous unit better but then I’m grateful for that experience because otherwise I would be likely to lose touch with challenges that dementia presents. Still, this is very well organised place, much better than other care homes I worked in. I’m grateful for this.

As you can see I try having a go at gratitude practice again, I am just turning it down a bit. No need to turn every thought into the thought of gratitude. I’ll only do that with thoughts that make sense when expressed this way.

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