Have you ever seen a cushion on a bus stop?

If you haven’t, keep reading.

1. I have a new favourite artist. Instagram can be a wonderful thing, that’s where I find all of them. It seems to me that, although different in styles, they all have something in common. I just don’t know what it is. Do you?

2. I slept in bed last night; I may at the end decide that my spare bedroom is going to be a new living area; like an informal living room, while the main lounge will be a main living room, where I will be hosting my mental health workers after each episode. When I get a bit better I always suggest I’ll come to them. I guess that is what ‘mental health should be treated the same like physical health’ phrase means.

BTW, is my life not great? I have 3 room flat and two living rooms! (Yes, N., 3 room flat, that means 2 bedroom; not ‘two room flat’, like you used to say. And actually, why didn’t I say anything to you at the time? Possibly because I was worried that you wouldn’t believe anyway. Some people know everything best and you’re one of them).

3. I’m really going to Uni. I mean, I’m not really going as such as the course is online, but I’m really going to study. I’ll be doing my masters!

4. I have enough energy to cook lately. Fingers crossed this is not going to change and my aripiprazole regime is going to work for me.

5. That’s the promised cushion on a bus stop:

I bought it when I still lived in Reading and was in the process of buying my flat. I found it in TKMAXX and it cost £17. I never really used it to decorate. I wanted to donate it a year ago but John said it’s beautiful, so I kept it. Unfortunately I had to admit that I’m not using it because I’m upset about the fact that a bead could come off and that would ruin the pattern. So I finally donated it last weekend. The bus was 20 minutes late, that’s why you have a photo. Owls are not in high demand recently but I hope this one will find a new owner quickly.

I am seriously considering to become a minimalist. Possibly that could actually help to improve my digital art? Maybe I’ll have more motivation to create patterns if there was none around me? What do you think?

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