Finishing supportive conversation

I already wrote about it once, but from a different context. I will not be linking that post as I’d simply be unable to find it but it’s somewhere under communication tag 🙂

Several minutes ago I post to local females Facebook group and asked if any ladies there are mature students (yes, I got accepted for uni!). No one who was in my situation answered but I got a couple of general encouragement responses and also a comment from a lady who changed career mid life and she said it was the best decision ever.

I did feel that, although she could have had the same drive and energy I have, her situation was very different: she was trying something new while I am about to commit to a career that life forced on me 15 years ago.

She responded that she believes in fate.

Although I don’t exclude fate, I could see that on this occasion she’s not the person I was looking to connect with.

So I typed: Thank you, yes; fate is actually a possibility.

I stopped for a bit and looking at what I wrote, I thought: as far as I know neurotypicals, if I post it like that, she’ll continue talking because she will think I’m looking for reassurance. So I added in the same comment: Good luck for both of us.

She only said thank you and good luck for that, so that’s good. I’m not quite sure how to understand neurotypicals reaction but if I look at the conversation asking myself if it’s finished or not, I’d say it wasn’t finished without my last sentence about luck.

But if I was in the position of that lady, I’d not necessarily see someone needs reassurance. I’d think they’re just talking.

Kind regards. I’m going to sleep… in a bit.

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