I can’t take a break (an opener to discussion about racism)

My brain is really refusing.

It feels to me like I’m mapping what I sense is happening with concepts that I already know.

I did try not to discuss racism on my blog so far but you know what I think? That in our age racism (except in some really nasty people) doesn’t really exist any more. Which doesn’t mean that Black minorities perception is wrong. Both Black and White people (most of the time) have good, honest intentions. It’s only that a lot has been lost in translation.

Speaking the same language is not enough to communicate well.

But as I’m about to create that training for ethnic minorities, I need to say that out loud. I just need to remember to remain diplomatic. And that isn’t easy for me. But as it’s a very sensitive subject autism can’t be an excuse here. So that’s why I’m thinking so much.

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