Can’t wait for my large canvases (should I just quit????)

As you may know I had rebound mania since just after leaving hospital on Thursday. While waiting to be discharged I decided to go to uni, chose a subject within like 2 minutes and the university within the next 30 seconds. And then, while already at home, I decided to provide confidence building training for females from ethnic minorities who work in the care sector. I don’t quite remember where I got the idea of training from but I’m glad I did, because someone really needs to say certain things.

I was getting obsessed about this training for the entire two days but it feels now like if it was two weeks! However, the better my understanding of what I need to say and how to get my point across, the less obsessed I feel.

I am almost back to normal now, really, but at the same time I start having this doubt: it all feels so unreal. Maybe I should just quit? The training is already in my head, so my creativity has been satisfied. What else should I want?

I must say the above makes strange sense to me.

On Friday evening I ordered 6 canvases from Hobby Craft. They are 150x100cm. Keep your fingers crossed that’s what I need to satisfy my aesthetic needs!

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