I’m up at 2am. Training for ethnic minorities working in care.

I had a visit by two people from ‘Intensive Team’ at 6.30pm yesterday. I was told initially they’re going to come today. They said they came to watch me to take my meds. It was a bit strange. I think it was just an excuse to see if I’m psychotic. It would be fun if I was, wasn’t it? It was occupational therapist in the hospital who suggested further education and here you are, I’m already planning the training that I have to deliver as part of it.

I’d like it to be for ethnic minorities; they choose which procedures to follow a bit differently than British and as a result they put themselves into trouble more often or at least end up overworking themselves for no reason and no one appreciates them for it.

And that’s the thing: no one follows every procedure, but everyone follows some. It’s a conflict of values.

This is not actually training about dementia so possibly I’d need to do another one too, but I don’t mind.

John got quite involved in the idea, I think I’d need to add him as my consultant. He loves procedures 🙂

The uni needs to be postponed to the next starting date though, a January one. That’s not too long, is it? And I don’t think it’s right to expect me to apply when I’m maniac. But I’m still so happy that I came up with this idea.

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