Magda is going to Uni

Ok, I did suspect for a bit that I’m loosing readers because people think I’m making stuff up. I just cannot be real, can I, with all the stuff that are happening to me.

I wish that was the truth…

I don’t have time for a proper post but will hopefully update tomorrow, or in a due time. But what would you say for that: today as waiting for being discharged from my psychiatric hospital, I decided I’m going to uni. I have to be quick to apply as I’m a bit late, but maybe that’s a good thing. Too much thinking is not going to help here.

I want to study Master degree in Dementia on University of Hull. All available online.

I hope I’ll find my bachelor degree papers easily and also the translation. It’s not something I’d get rid of, would I? I kind of know where they are, I hope.

I may need to take zopiclone today, just in case. But in general I am doing ok. It’s close to 8pm so will be time to sleep soon.

PS. I went back to harass Home Group on Twitter. But this time I try to use CSS to do it

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