I made a massive mistake

I had a certain, uncomfortable situation with a bus driver today, that made me decide I need to pass on my feedback to the bus company. It wasn’t actually a complaint, at least I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted the driver to be alert that he needs to relax a bit and stop taking everything personally.

However, in my feedback I said what I thought the real issue is; I mean why I thought he was taking everything personally, and it is something that never gets discussed openly in this country.

I feel so bad now. I’m glad I’m not a famous blogger yet, otherwise that would totally ruin my day. I mean, it still affects me negatively, but hopefully I will finally learn. My mistake is caused partly by being autistic, partly by being foreigner, but I did tell myself a while ago I need, really need to be more careful or otherwise people will eat me for breakfast. Or even an afternoon snack. Yet, I somehow thought that if I want to help someone, naming their issues will be the best course of action.

No, Magda, some things can never get discussed openly; remember! You can make fun of British public for overspending on alcohol and then claiming they have no money and maybe it will upset some of them but others will say things are exactly like that. But some issues can never be named in this country. When will you finally learn?!

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