Home at least

But only till the late afternoon…

It’s Queen’s funeral today. I’m not British but I still think it’s sad she passed away. I mean she had a great and long life, however, part of me was hoping she’s going to live for another 20 years. Or, forever, possibly? It reminds me when Jan Paul II died, ages ago, when I lived in Warsaw.

Anyway… I managed to get home. Hope to stay here till around 5.30pm.

I was browsing my patterns on Pinterest yesterday and fell in love with them… again. I think that’s how it is going to be. My creativity was always on and off thing; why would I expect things to change when I found what I actually want to do?

Will not be taking my tablet to the hospital, I’d be concerned it may get damaged, although some patients have them. Anyway… speak to you later. Don’t worry about me if I go a bit quiet.

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