Inspector Love

When I got sectioned in 2019, during my second episode, it was in my own flat, which is against the law in the UK. Six males police officers were dragging me down the stairs in handcuffs while my heavily pregnant deputy manager was watching this.

Btw, I need to add the post about what caused my second episode to make everyone alert about things that sometimes happen in social care.

Anyway, after I left the hospital, I decided to complain and was put in touch with inspector Steven Love. I have a strong belief that he’s not real; he’s an avatar set up for me on a suggestion of my diagnostician, and the lovely surname is to prevent me from being too abrupt. You may not believe this, and the thing is, I do not have any proof, do I? I will understand if you never read another post on my blog because of my unusual beliefs; however the blog is where I discuss my thinking process and avatars are part of it, sorry!

I didn’t get anywhere with my complaint at the time but yesterday I thought, let me get in touch with inspector Love and I sent the following email:

Dear Inspector Love,

Please accept my sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused to those 3 lovely police ladies who were restraining me last week outside of my flat in (XX).

We were having that conversation back and forth over two years ago after I got sectioned in my own flat, which is agains the law and I was getting very obsessed about it even though I was perfectly aware I needed help.

Anyway, I only now understood that general public sometimes exaggerates what they see and hear to get the help arrive quicker and to be taken more seriously. It is an unusual behaviour for me, however I can see it could be very effective in some circumstances. I will now go and reflect on how I can incorporate this into my life, thank you.
Before I do that though let me pass on an unusual feedback: when I was being restrained by the lovely police women, I very heavily targeted one of them for this very reason that she had long fake eyelashes.

It is very difficult to understand what a psychotic mind thinks but I somehow understood the eyelashes meant to me that particular police woman is a real enemy of mine.

Obviously when I’m not psychotic I don’t use cheap stereotypes like that to make my decisions, and I do hope that lady is doing ok and I didn’t manage to hurt her too much.

I am currently in Sandalwood waiting for new medication regime to start. However, those will never cure my inability to understand complex social dynamics so I will leave it up to you to decide if it’s better to tell this (and other) female officers that mentally sick may sometimes target them for the eyelashes only.

Kind regards,

Magda Regula

So as you can see I am trying. For that I received an automatic response:

I am currently on leave and rest days and leave until Monday 26th September 19. Any urgent matters please contact A/Insp Dudley.

Really strange way of communicating, isn’t it? 26th of September is this year, I checked in my online calendar. Also I don’t have an email to inspector Dudley. But you know what, I don’t want to contact him; I prefer inspector Love. If he’s not an avatar, then perhaps this is an idea that government agencies could investigate for supporting autistic people? Having an allocated avatar at the police station is such a cute idea, you know? Also, I realise it’s better if I am nice to him, as otherwise the police could decide this is not working, inspector Love will then have to leave ‘due to personal reasons’, and I’d be left struggling to communicate with real inspectors, who may be great at their job but not specialists at communicating with ‘difficult people like me’.

So I’d better be good. Just in case.

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