Poland vs The UK

Będziesz miała najlepszą teściowa na świecie = you.have.to.cover.yourself.reeeally well

That’s how people speak

No offence mummy.mummy. =I’m all.OK. justts aaaleeerting youreee.vell 😉


= Get yourself to ghe Seetee.Ringr .owth. unnless. Unless…. = REALLY weeal h (t?).?.?

Do yoou needs any help?pp? (CHCESZ.Podpaska????)))

Thaata s why they were even moomitooring me in thee toilet??? (REAlly reall and anyway I diiidint diiiii nt seeee anythNG SO.IT. dddooosesnt maater.mmatter (‘u.Need. tooo…. coovER regały EXTREMELY weeeeelll BUT buuut mummya mummy whyyyy atre you so strange?? Ere Did you have anything tttooo eatT? REALLY reaaaaaly madrit???? But the cops!???? They Are REAL.Sheeet.sheeettt…. BuT mayyybe mayybe. NEVE NEVEeee… Ewa. Call ewa. Nooot reeady reeasdy ZASADY! Zaaasady (ut unless. Youre really want to musimy mummy… I’ll dooo everything FOR. Youuuu . U.

Do jutra needs a mET.? Darlings, sweetheart

Everyone doesn’t it? DOESN’T??? really… REALy Madrit. ? Really? ID.Rother have Audrey’s baCK. Heee.’Treeeats’ me very well… well…

BUT I WIL Alweys aCccept iiiit BECA waaaas the same? Subconsciously doouing but was

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