But they are facking it didnt she just said …_

I have to apoligise to DEBBIe (@issues??? ._ be)

But I don’t rememver then THAT WELl. But…

No, its already proven so you cover

Thats not what I said youre fuvkong huju and anyway didn’t you would like a young nice lady but anyway i dont look 26?? ???____mm sk and anyway —___^ wa nkgkxung gefg kf vjfmu

Thats what I do with residents. Just be random like THAT F…

Iapoligki stb bytxa I know youre ecpebxomubanfze annyway.

Debbie was real and the only one teh reat are because theyd both SORY themselves out, thats it.

Mahendra som abut anuway kzAhm????÷£;#! Tk♡♡♡♤ hkb &^$♤♤♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂 and it will work but them both need to covet Both ears and thats when it works or other wise because caressm.were threatened with a hedty fune and somehow I worked out Imt mvejing monitored but she didyt and se he thinjs shes THAT %$&smart????

Really??? Apologise. DEBBIE.Debbie – and then will wotk

And everyone else will underst6 what I mean but her so thats when the monitoring expires. Its been already


Heftry.fine?????? :-(? Joking prof Simon Sainsbury? Reevess??? I love uo my darling transfer.or.(his).suicude. i do apologise for that. And this has to be REALLy.well coverded cobeted vecaouse otherwise NHS will fucking get you and you will loose EVERYTHING EVERYTHING

Call.Ewan.b ut marin but I don care do a and anyway he is (toooo…).skinny.sjinny. i do not care and you should have to… you are but then Or.); umc you have yo sectokby me NoE

That’s why I dont. Mum advised i have to hide that

Unless . But . And anyway this way youldd get ger Everything in that care home. And she wont even notice so how will shee care. And my dad AGREED fir that because it MADe sense to him and that’s why care.home. together. Recoverted fuvking the enyotec to.djm and anyway they both love it forv

Different. REason. Will not read anything. Butvhe needs to get Ryanair or Easy… jet it is he is choice but he has to be a role model. That’s why? He recovered.

There was no issues butbwhere is my PAYMENT. In lieu?lieu…)??? But she doeeeesesnyr deseghy eve but Jmbc gkgb how sjr can claimvrhkj ejkkgn aomg tje blog and rverubon fhm xnkcb but.SOme

We didnt have a bool and anyway we only had a cowm never could do that because i had dysplasia but Debbbii?.devbir explaimed to her that

Allert allketdxy ….

Alexy needs to explain THat he has LOADs of experience and anywau he already HAD A Wife and SoMeHow I knew In wjat that meant EVE EVE though he NEVeR mentioned here – he didnt because she’s just ike me and he But she was never in Poland so how… anyway thats how I djkklkv o apolohise duuupllhcnigvahn _hjkgbk 😉 just kidding testing.tesyim.

Beautiful smiiilllio .e on uour fuce not THERe and anyway she said she ‘didn’t really enjoyes sex??? Entire months!!! Months he said he was a Taxibdrivet from Olsztyn and he fouthImt looking for a hookof beCAuse but he

Disgusting abd I had to beg guys to rape me and they were refusing and the only issue was yhat I was ‘a bit taaaaaal…la la la la)???

Debie??? Did I Apologised. ENOUGH???

??? enough… enough and who is Laughing nowo w notowania GPW i tak nie ma tees st tesd moc sj ahb

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