Allegations vs facts

If you have a proof allegations becomes facts.

Home Group tweeted me yesterday and I cannot believe that I wanted to genuinely forgive them! I thought that they see my perspective and want to make it work somehow but they

Were hoping to bribe my diagnostician to get her to convince me to sign that I can blog whatever I want as long as I sign that I have personality disorder.

And, BTW, that was probably Devi’s idea; narcissistic people imagination is absolutely unlimited. But they are very influential so this is tolerated because the higher ups want her to be part of the team!

So basically she gets all the adjustments for her, well so far it is a personality disorder, but obviously is not diagnosed, is it. And I get absolutely nothing even though I have a diagnosis; or to be precise, I have two diagnoses: a real one and a fabricated one.

You know that, I’m never going to manage in this fight. But at least they can’t close my blog. Or maybe they can? How do I know what is real any more?

And you know what? They still owe me my payment in lieu of notice that I was obliged to get by law but they never paid it. So they owe me – twice.

Do you really want to take this ‘allegation’ seriously? Prove it then! And you know how.

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