Does it matter how you got the job if everything works just fine?

I post here a while ago how I got that second job in The Company (not using their real name here means I’m in tension reduction stage of my challenging behaviour spree; in case you could not work that out. By all means it’s not my intention to hide anything from the public eye).

Basically, my interview was set up so that I got that job while there was another strong candidate for it, a girl who those people knew, but they didn’t know me. Obviously no one told me that but they gave me hints. I knew something was happening but I didn’t know what; I just noticed this behaviour was very unusual and not something that you’d expect during an interview.

But maybe they wanted to help me? They asked Dave about me and he told them that I seem to be really nice and have a lot of common sense but I’m not a great communicator and don’t really have much of an experience in housing. But possibly the other girl was bossy, didn’t listen or something similar so I was a better candidate, but not on paper.

So they thought, if we play it right, we’ll have to give the job to the bossy one. Nah, we can’t have that! We’ll help the Polish one. So what that she doesn’t have experience? If she has common sense and good university degree, she’ll learn quickly and there are always two other people in the office, so we’ll help her, she’ll appreciate that and things will be fine.

Those things happen. I personally used to know a man who got brilliant opportunity this way and it was in extremely well paid field. But people never talk about it openly so you only find that out if you know that person really, really well.

I assume they may hint it sometimes with others, but I’m not really that sure.

Anyway, I will not be going over the details of what happened later as those were already discussed and they contained my perspective only so that would not change. It’s only my understanding of other people perspective that can change. I hope that makes sense.

Remember; I always put the truth on my blog. I mean the truth at the time of writing. As I get more insight, my perception changes so the truth changes too. But I can’t delete the previous version because it’s all there for other people to understand how an autistic person thinks. Or at least how I think. Because maybe other autistic people think in a different way?

But then how do I know how that? I sometimes catch myself thinking that I have much better understanding of how non autistic people think because I simply have much more experience with them.

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