Double hope

1. I don’t enjoy playing Redecor as much as I used to. I thought I’d stay addicted to this game forever, but here we are at the end of the month and I’m only on level 8th. And look what I did here. I could do better, I’m sure you’re aware of that.

But at least I have an excuse to use the image to create this post title; as you may know SEO doesn’t spark joy in me.

2. My 24 hours of work have been allocated quite evenly across 5 days on this week rota. How exciting it is to know that I only start at 5pm today? Mind you, I still really like this place and was thinking a lot recently how different it is to other elderly care homes that always seemed to me like washing, feeding and toileting factories. As I told you, this care home provides simplified environment for the residents where it’s much easier for them to find way to where they want to be – mind you, they still get confused at times, but this is exactly what makes me think how unsuitable the other care homes are. I wonder now if there are any research on how environment affects people with dementia, because ours are really happy and willing to accept help when they need it.

Who knows, maybe living in environment that is difficult to navigate is what makes people with dementia to be distrustful of others? They can see that others can find way around it, but not them and the fact that they have dementia doesn’t mean they don’t form thoughts and opinions. But their opinion is wrong (possibly they believe that someone moves the rooms around on purpose so that they get lost?); simply like my opinion would be if I was in a complex social situation.

I’m really glad I got that job, but still it’s good to know I’m only starting at 5pm today, lol.

3. I wonder how I can better control my Facebook feeds? As you may know a couple of months ago I went through digital detox, I was off of social media for around 2 weeks. I definitely needed it as I was spending too much time on Facebook, trying to see the pattern between all the posts I’ve seen.

Recently my feeds changed: one day they are just updates from businesses I follow and ads – not much shows on those days; on others I mostly see photos from tourists destinations from all over the world, which I like but I don’t find them very inspiring for some reason.

And today I started getting loads of quotes. I liked those for some reason, even though I didn’t necessarily agree with them. One quote stated that we live in times when intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people don’t get offended. I don’t think it’s quite that bad, do you? Although I’d definitely say we live in times when we don’t assess ideas for what they are and instead just go for the most popular one. But I guess it used to be the same several years ago.

Anyway, after seeing several quotes and reflecting on every one of them I felt really good; they definitely inspired me to do my daily dose of thinking.

Possibly I should become a philosopher? But all the quotes are gone now and I don’t know how to get them back. Would joining a quote group give me the same kick? I will try and see, but I really liked the element of surprise that joining a group won’t provide.

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