I’ve been targeting Home Group on Twitter and..

It’s been so much fun, lol! I don’t want to say it’s enough satisfaction for the psychiatric injury working for them caused me but I feel I’m getting there. I really doubt getting a few thousand in compensation at the time would make up for the fact that I’d have to keep quiet for the rest of my life about what happened so, if it was the only way to be able to put my story out there, I am kind of glad that things happened like they did.

I don’t want to say ‘it was worth it’ and I would not encourage anyone from taking the same path if they are in a similar situation but sometimes the circumstances are as such that whatever we do, there will be serious negative consequences. I can see that now, after over a year of blogging and around 11 months since I first revealed their name on my blog, I am a stronger, more resilient person and I really do hope that my story will open a frank discussion about workplace harassment.

If you’re new to my blog and didn’t hear Home Group story yet, read this: https://autisticandme.com/2022/06/20/900k/

And that’s my recent comment; as you can hopefully see I’m being sarcastic. Yes, autistic people can be sarcastic too with just a bit of effort.

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