If I can’t report antisocial behaviour

That is happening online, does that mean that I have to stop it?

I don’t quite understand. But it does make some kind of sense.

But then, what about my diagnostician’s communication methods? Will she take them to the grave?

And nothing positive will ever come out of the drama that I’ve been putting myself through since 2015?

That feels so unfair.

But then, where can I complain against Professor Baron-Cohen, if he’s in charge of everything? Who is going to look at what I have to say?

We need a change, but all the opportunities for that seem to be blocked.

Autistic people have to be unwell so that Professor Simon Baron-Cohen could advance his career; that’s how it is currently. I know. I researched this phenomenon since I met my diagnostician, and I was especially focused since I started blogging around a year ago.

Where do I go with this? No one wants to know!

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