Initial recall?

That’s the email I got today from my dentist as I didn’t book an appointment. I am a bit confused, they were meant to be every 6 months, and now I’m expected to go back after 3. During the last appointment I was told that my tooth infection spontaneously healed and I’m now thinking whether that is true? Maybe the dentist was told by Oriana to play that game with me, the ‘it’s not my fault’ game.

As I told here already we used to eat loads of sauerkraut in Poland and drink tea with lemon when I was a child and no one knew that acid is damaging to teeth. Moreover toothpaste tasted really horribly so I only brushed my teeth at the front most of the time. And now I have this ‘it’s not my fault’ approach. Those two teeth don’t really bother me, but who knows, they may at some point later and infection can spread. So I am worried but at the same time I feel like it’s not my fault that I have bad teeth and I want someone to make up for it. And because no one is going to do that, I’m not doing anything about them.

I know it’s silly but I just can’t cope with this.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on the specific use of vocabulary here: Recall – Initial Recall. How does that sound to you, I wonder? For me it seems like I’m an object who needs to be delivered there and if I don’t deliver myself, they’ll come and grab me! It’s quite scary to be honest, yet, somehow effective. I’d better go there tomorrow and make an appointment.

And the Girls talking phrase seems to be like a hint, like ‘you know we have something to talk about, don’t you?’ I need to remove my teeth! That sounds so unfair!

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