And now I think it’s the time to reveal the last detail about what really happened in Home Group employment tribunal claim. Do you know how I collected the most important evidence? By making myself look like crazy on purpose.

The purpose of the bulling campaign where I was a victim was to make me into a crazy person, so that was what they were already thinking. I went along with this as I knew that’s how neurotypicals behave: when they see vulnerability but they feel threatened at the same time, they go all silly and forget to follow correct procedures.

How did I do that? By asking for extremely large compensation: £900k. A little bit less than a million because million would be too excessive. I wanted to go just a little bit lower than that – that’s how I see numbers, I use them to assess social situations, and employment tribunal fight is certainly a social game, even though it seems to be based on procedures.

I thought, if I do that, they will really think that I’m crazy and will not check things properly, they will make a mistake and I will win.

The difference is only that I expected it to be something small and insignificant, something that I’d have to expose, but it was the most important evidence: Home Group claimed in their response that my autism diagnosis was private and they paid for it, while it was on NHS.

There were fabricated documents in my file and it all came out nicely in employment tribunal proceedings, when you’d expect them to hide things much more insignificant than that.

So I won on that level.

And the only problem was that when I realised how bad the bullying was, I became so stressed that I developed psychosis and had to finally drop my claim as otherwise I would never recover.

So although I won on procedure level, I lost the social game.

I would never come out well out of that because I knew something else was wrong there and I was focused on that. I was making myself unwell to break through that.

This is what my dad was doing. He was undiagnosed autistic but worked as a welder. I believe his mental health breakdown was caused by sensory issues, that other people could cope with; he couldn’t, and he didn’t know why.

He then didn’t recovered because there was never a procedure for that. There was only one to make him feel even more unwell.

When you send people, or at least autistic people, on disability or increase their tablets, they think it’s a hint they are getting more unwell and they behave like that. Because that is what we, autistics, are doing – we’re following procedures that are available for us.

More over, there is the focus in this country to ‘keep people in the system’ because that’s where the money is coming from.

Home Group is taking money from government to support people with mental health problems, even though they made me so unwell and never even had a courtesy to apologise.

I wonder what they’re going to do now, after I email them the link to this post? Are they going to kill me? They know my adress.

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