I feel like a real content creator

1. It’s Saturday so John will be coming in the afternoon. We’re planning to play some more Dominion and all the other usual stuff. I miss him. It would be so nice if we could live together, but we may need a large house for that, we both have so much stuff!

2. It’s been the first time when my state of being ‘triggered’ otherwise called ‘amygdala hijack’, that was this time caused by overfocusing on my digital art, went away on its own, without me taking any meds. I don’t quite understand what caused this improvement as I wasn’t using Sleep School techniques again for a few weeks (how come it’s so easy to forget about that even though it’s important to me?).

I was still triggered yesterday but I kept managing to calm my thoughts down somehow and I slept normally. I am still a bit tired today but not nearly as tired as I was when I was using Facebook, so I should be ok.

3. I had this idea that instead of contacting Mr Flux directly again, I’ll contact Swindon Conservative office and ask them to put me in touch with him. Why, if I’m not really looking forward to speak with him on the radio? I suppose this is to create content for my blog – it is difficult sometimes to find something interesting to post about and I never spoke with a politician so it will be something new for me to comment on.

4. I don’t know what to cook for dinner: barley groat (very popular in Poland, virtually unknown in the UK) with mushroom sauce (John loves mushrooms) or chicken breasts from the oven bag with chips? There’s so many recipies in the UK that require using the oven and people cook this way even in the middle of summer which then makes the entire kitchen boiling hot and noone is bothered about it even though as soon as it gets to 18C in May everyone complains about how hot it is.

It does seem to me like oven should only be used for cooking in winter, but then this is me. I may cook this chicken though as I am quite curious of it.

5. Yesterday I put my mobile from silence into do not disturb mode because I keep getting loads of marketing calls and I wanted to do guided meditation undisturbed. Normally, even though it’s on silence, it will still ring if I listen to audio through headphones. I thought do not disturb mode will sort this problem, but it didn’t till after I went into settings and specified that I don’t want to be disturbed by calls either. That’s not very straightforward; you’d think that major disruption from mobile is when you receive a phone call.

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