Digital detox – day two

What’s the time now?

My watch has been delivered at 4pm so I went to town after that – without mobile. And without headphones. Instead I used earplugs to muffle noise and I quite enjoyed it. I realised that I was able to notice more details of what was happening around me. I used to be quite observant when I was younger, I don’t know what happened to that part of me!

I bumped into an ex colleague in town, she’s two years older but works in the hospital now and is studying nursing. She says she loves it. And I think, indeed, it’s too early for retirement and I need a new career too.

I really like this watch, you can never know for sure what time it is exactly and I think this is what I need to stop getting obsessed about things not happening exactly on schedule.

The day went ok in general and I really seem to be getting better but at the same time I don’t know how much improvement I can expect regarding my mental tiredness – you know, menopause and such.

I also didn’t feel the need to use social media during the day – I did lurk a few times and asked about earplugs recommendations on my autistic females Facebook group but that wasn’t more than 15 minutes in total, I don’t think. However, I am finding it difficult now. It almost feels like I should go on Facebook now as a reward for doing so well the entire day. I tried to watch a film but couldn’t concentrate at all. I think I’ll just do nothing for a bit.

I feel slightly irritated and disappointed with myself that I can’t manage such an easy thing like use of social media. That feeling is not overwhelming in any way, but it’s certainly there.

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