And what is social status for?

The Friend said my theory about employees fighting for social status by getting bitchy may be right. I suppose she knows, just doesn’t want to confirm that with me directly?

But then I’m thinking, what is social status for? I suppose so that other staff treated them a bit better, but how far that can actually go? The informal leader may get to choose their tasks – indirectly of course – for example by joking they don’t like doing certain things. They may get to choose a venue for staff Christmas party, but that is it, I suppose. Why do that then? I don’t understand. Is that really that important?

I’d rather do things that I’m not too keen on that get myself involved into all those trouble.

However, maybe it’s me who sees that as trouble, because I’m autistic? Maybe neurotypical people experience that differently? Maybe it’s easy for them?

As easy as it is for me to argue with people who I don’t respect by pointing out to them faults in their logic? I can do that even half asleep or when in psychosis because my thinking is based on information exchange, not on social exchange.

But still, what is social status for? I don’t understand.

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