My food issues – after lunch update

So, after my morning coffee today and the earlier post YouTube suggested to me a video by Magda Hankiewicz, who is my favourite dietetitian (she’s Polish, like me). I am not quite understanding of how my data is being used online – I didn’t look for any content related to loosing weight for quite a few months now, so can YouTube know what I post on WordPress? Strange.

Anyway, Magda Hankiewicz stresses the importance of changing our habits around food over the importance of loosing weight quickly. I thought, maybe I should give it a go. Although I am a bit confused about how to do that. How do I change my eating habits? What exactly needs changing about them?

I was going to not have any breakfast, as I wasn’t even hungry, however after watching this video I decided to give normal breakfast a try (around 350kcal). And around 45 minutes later I started having thoughts like ‘let me have a few nuts’, ‘a small slice of bread with jam’, ‘hot chocolate’… the same way it would happen if I didn’t have any breakfast. It made me wonder whether my issues with overeating are not just all about behaviour?

I did explain to myself that I had a normal breakfast so I don’t need those things and it all went away after a bit. However, that was really shocking.

Now, after lunch I am doing ok. I also have this idea that giving up on sugar is what gives me more mental clarity but I’m not 100% sure.

4 responses to “My food issues – after lunch update”

  1. I think Google knows me better than I know myself.

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    1. Magda Regula Avatar
      Magda Regula

      It’s scary, isn’t it? 😛

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      1. I find it even creepier when the Instagram app shows me personalized ads based on stuff that I looked at in my laptop browser.

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      2. Magda Regula Avatar
        Magda Regula

        Creepy indeed!

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