I don’t have rejection sensitive dysphoria either

Image added on 23rd of April 2022

As I keep seeing that concept being mentioned over and over on various Facebook groups, I realised that after reading my previous posts some could decide I have it. And I really don’t agree with that.

Basically rejection sensitive dysphoria is when someone is oversensitive to rejection. It’s not a diagnosis so there’s no criteria to be met and I guess some people could say that the fact I focus on others rather than on myself means I have it.

But I focused on others on the radio show because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have a normal conversation; if I focus on myself I’d rumble, talk nonsense or just run out of the studio in the middle of the sentence!

I did not feel rejected in the slightest. I felt scared because it was something totally new but I wasn’t scared of rejection.

I also mentioned to those two ladies before the show that I’m worried about talking too much. This is how I expressed my empathy towards them: I think I imagine other people think the same way I do and sometimes I just have this idea that some things need to be said, and I have to say them. So I was worried that by talking too much I’d disturb the order they have in their heads.

But maybe that’s not how neurotypicals think? I did hear they’re much more flexible in a conversation. But then, how do I know what that actually means?

Anyway, I really didn’t feel rejected in the slightest. If I decide to stop volunteering that would only be because I don’t know what to do with myself there. I could still stay in touch though and pop in from time to time, when I have something to say.

3 responses to “I don’t have rejection sensitive dysphoria either”

  1. I’ve never gotten the impression that you have rejection sensitivity dysphoria.


    1. Thank you, possibly that means my effort to describe my thoughts process is working and I’m making sense? 🙂

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