Every day is Friday?

It was Wednesday when I saw this challenge

I don’t play Redecor with such a dedication I used to have a year ago, I now satisfy my desire to play with patterns in Picsart, where I process my Redecor designs. For this to work the designs need to have no or almost no patterns, so things really changed for me, but I check every day what is new on Redecor.

Yesterday I saw the above challenge – ‘Every day is Friday’ and I felt really confused as it was Wednesday. It seemed to me like, even though I knew what that sentence meant, it could only be used on Friday to make sense. I wonder if this is how neurotypicals would also interpret it? I guess probably not, as in this case the challenge wouldn’t go live on Wednesday.

Why is communication so confusing sometimes?

15 responses to “Every day is Friday?”

  1. Since a lot of people work Monday to Friday, Friday’s probably a good day because it’s almost the weekend. So if every day is Friday, that suggests to me that every day at work is a good day because the person likes their job.


    1. Oh yes, I understood this bit instantly but it felt weird that the challenge went live on Wednesday. I’d think it should go live on Friday for the sentence to make sense 😛

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      1. I agree, it would make more sense that way.


      2. You think so? I thought that it’s just my autistic brain not thinking flexibly.

        Because if every day is Friday then every day is ok to say that.

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      3. I think any day would be ok, but Friday seems like it would work better.

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      4. Ok, perhaps I’m not that autistic then? I don’t know, I’ll now be agonising over that for 3 days 😛

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      5. Maybe agonising over it is what’s more a sign of being autistic. 😉


      6. You confused me 😛

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      7. What you said just reminded me a lot of a friend who, before he got his autism diagnosis, would spend a lot of time thinking about whether certain reactions of his were indicators that he was autistic. Sometimes his reactions sound autistic and sometimes they didn’t, but the amount of time he spent analyzing them was not something an average neurotypical person would do.


      8. Do you mean that I’m overdoing on blogging?

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      9. No, not at all. It was actually me misreading your earlier comment. I read it as you had been agonizing for days over the Redecor thing. That’s totally my bad. No wonder you were confused!


      10. Ok, thank you 🙂

        I am just trying to record how I see communication. But then, maybe it’s not as valuable as I thought? There’s loads of autism influences on Instagram with massive following even though they say less than me.

        Maybe people are not really interested in what another person thinks?

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      11. I think social media follower numbers are a reflection of a lot of different things, and what the person has to say is only a small part of it.

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      12. Possibly. I like proper bloggers who have a bit more to say, like you for example 🙂 so I think I’ll continue but I was a bit confused lately seeing high numbers of followers for some. Hence my question if I post too much 😛

        Never mind 🙂 thank you for commenting Ashley 🙂

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      13. You’re welcome! I think Instagram and WordPress are also quite different. People can have oodles of followers on Insta and not have much to say at all.

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