Every day is Friday?

It was Wednesday when I saw this challenge

I don’t play Redecor with such a dedication I used to have a year ago, I now satisfy my desire to play with patterns in Picsart, where I process my Redecor designs. For this to work the designs need to have no or almost no patterns, so things really changed for me, but I check every day what is new on Redecor.

Yesterday I saw the above challenge – ‘Every day is Friday’ and I felt really confused as it was Wednesday. It seemed to me like, even though I knew what that sentence meant, it could only be used on Friday to make sense. I wonder if this is how neurotypicals would also interpret it? I guess probably not, as in this case the challenge wouldn’t go live on Wednesday.

Why is communication so confusing sometimes?

15 responses to “Every day is Friday?”

  1. Since a lot of people work Monday to Friday, Friday’s probably a good day because it’s almost the weekend. So if every day is Friday, that suggests to me that every day at work is a good day because the person likes their job.


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