Cold and my diet

As I stated here already, having a cold always makes me want to eat sweets. I did really try not to give in to that this time, but my sweet tooth doesn’t want to go away – the same as the cold. Today in the morning I even decided, I need to eat a bit more for my regular meals. And the result is as such: at 19.00 I was overeaten with my regular meals, but I still wanted sweets. And I had to tell myself, enough of that, so I went to the local convenience shop and I bought duo Mars bar that I ate on my way back, and two packets of biscuits.

Coughing seems to be easier now, for some reason.

On a regular day I don’t like most sweets, at least the British variety as they are too sugary. I prefer things like apple pie, trifle and ice cream. But for some reason I love chocolate fudge cake. People can’t understand that when I try to explain my food preferences.

During a cold a Mars bar, that I can’t eat on a regular day, doesn’t appear to be sweet enough.

I really don’t want to feel guilty about the fact that I am ruining my diet, but it’s difficult when my stomach hurst. Next time I’d just skip regular meals, lesson learned.

And I still have the biscuits. They are called burbon creams and I normally quite like them, but today they just taste like cream crackers! And I added 2 teaspoons of sugar into my hot chocolate and it’s still not sweet enough!

Can this cold go away, seriously.

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