Can watching films reverse my brain damage?

As you may remember, a little while ago I realised I have a type of brain damage/psychiatric injury that causes me to focus on hidden meanings in communication when I feel confused or stressed. I believe this all started when I worked for Home Group and was bullied there by someone who was great with social communication.

I thought that with a bit of effort I could conquer this part of my ASD that causes me to miss hidden meanings but it turned out I use my ability to see patterns to look for those and as a result I don’t get at all where I want to be, I just waste my energy. At the same time I can’t stop it – it happens automatically, I have no control over it.

I was wondering, however if exposing myself to communication that is not based on patterns and in situations where not seeing hidden meaning is not a threat would help me?

And this type of communication are films.

I may actually ask Mr Henderson and Mr Scope to recommend me some interesting films to watch. They could at least do this tiny bit for me, couldn’t they?

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