My statistics

I really don’t know what happened yesterday – loads of views on the blog, even though I had a few visitors only. I keep thinking my blog is not for everyone – I’m like marmite, you either love me or you keep away. But everyone knows what marmite is and I didn’t quite get there yet.

You can learn some Polish 😛

My tablet software is in English but mobile is in Polish. I only wanted the main interface in Polish, but then it turned out that every app that has a Polish language version will automatically download this version (omg that sentence is so complicated, I’m sure I made at least 3 mistakes in it!).

As the statistics are good, I guess it’s time to email Mr Henderson and Mr Scope. I would really like to know how those two are feeling and if Mr Henderson is going to hire Mr Scope again? Possibly to get rid of me? But then, Mr Scope already proved he’s not really that smart, didn’t he?

I don’t know which of those two I feel more sorry for. In case you don’t know who those two are: Mr Henderson is (or at least he was when I last checked) the CEO of Home Group, aka The Company from My Story and Mr Scope is their lawyer. I never met any of them in person but I somehow believe they are real – that is the problem for autistic people: if we don’t get to meet somebody in person it’s difficult to imagine that they are human beings with the same aspirations, feelings and fears as everyone else.

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