I just read one article about what happened in Bucha

I can’t even find words to describe what I think about it. Disgusting is certainly not bad enough. It’s probably not just this one part of Ukraine where similar things happened. The memories that I have from my childhood, where my parents and neighbours talked about Nazis occupation during WWII keep coming back – no one at the time though that maybe 8 year old shouldn’t be listening to such details.

However, I now think that possibly it was good that I’ve heard about it from people who experienced war. It makes it easier for me to understand this is happening for real now. Even though I was certain it will never happen again.

That is what I have problems with – if an extreme situation happens it seems to me, at least at first, that it’s not real. So I don’t react. And then things get worse and I panic so I also either don’t react again or my actions are chaotic.

I feel so sorry for all the people from Ukraine. I so much hope they’ll recover and will have a chance to have a normal life.

But is it possible, if you know that all your neighbours died?

People were apparently taking towels while going shopping to show that they’re not fighting. It feels so bad when I think that didn’t help them a bit.

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