Was emailing The Independent regarding Home Group a silly move?

I’m about this post: https://autisticandme.com/2022/03/26/why-i-contacted-ceo-of-home-group-again/

Basically, a few days ago I emailed The Independent and copied Mr Henderson, CEO of Home Group into the email. I briefly described the issue and finished the email stating that if they wanted to write an article about it, it should be ok, Home Group is unlikely to sue because so far they’re ignoring me.

I was sure that will put whoever reads the email off and that was my intention – I pretty much only emailed them to present a challenge to Mr Henderson and I didn’t want to waste journalists time in case they find the story interesting. It is my understanding though that is not something that neurotypical person would do, as it makes me look a bit strange – like someone who doesn’t cope with own emotions.

But the thing is, I wanted to present a challenge to Mr Henderson and, for the time being I am not ready to talk about those issues in front of a larger audience. I believe those things need to be talked about but it needs to happen naturally, as a result of me blogging about autism in wider sense. Otherwise I could face repercussions from general public.

However, if I receive some publicity because of blogging about autism in wider sense and the issue of Home Group becomes widely known, would The Independent journalists decide to avoid me because of that email? I doubt it. They most likely are not going to remember, and even if someone does, it will not matter then.

So even though I presented myself as a person who doesn’t control her emotions, it will not prevent me in any way from getting my needs met.

So was it silly or ok? I would really like to know what neurotypical person thinks of that.

One response to “Was emailing The Independent regarding Home Group a silly move?”

  1. I don’t think it was silly.


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