I had to chuck John out

Image added on 23rd of April 2022

After having such a nice date last weekend, my hopes for this weekend were really high, but what happened was I started feeling really cold yesterday evening and today woke up with sore throat, hoarse voice and pain all over my body, so I had to chuck him out at 6am – the less time he spends with me the less likely he’s going to catch it.

Thank god I bought most essential food items last week so I should be ok for a couple of days. I’m slightly disappointed I won’t be able to go to the radio tomorrow and probably also on Wednesday (unless by some kind of miracle I’ll recover), it really is disappointing as I only just started and was really curious about what is going to happen on my next visit.

Regarding food items, I usually eat loads of sweets when I have a cold and I don’t have anything at home right now. I’m not sure keeping this tradition is worth a trip to the shop, I was meant to be dieting and unfortunately the calories won’t treat me any better only because I have a cold.

Emotionally, at least, I feel a bit better. Which then will probably mean I’ll be posting less.

I didn’t read any news for a few days, I find it really difficult with all what is happening in Ukraine, but then that means I also didn’t read about World Autism Awareness Day yesterday. I wonder if any interesting article has been released, if it was, I should perhaps see it in my autistic female Facebook group, let’s hope.

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