I managed to apply for a sick note online

Image added on 23rd of April 2022

As I stated two days ago, the link to apply for a sick note on my surgery’s website didn’t work. But after I commented on my blog that I saw that as notification to go to work, it started working again. That’s strange, isn’t it?

I did also state a few times here that I believe I’m being monitored. Why? Probably so that I could write my blog undisturbed by The Lady – the person who was responsible for organising all the bullying campaign against me when I worked in Home Group. As Rebecca Zung says, narcissists never let go completely. And let alone now, when my blogging is a threat to her career.

So as I’m being monitored by my diagnostician who comes up with scenarios for me so that I can understand my own way of thinking. It’s not impossible, is it? And the link not working on a surgery’s website was a really good one. I was already aware that I respond to notifications in complex situations and when I don’t know what to do, but this situation wasn’t complex and going back to work when I am not ready could have catastrophic consequences, yet, I still fell for it, at least initially.

I’m very tired physically today and also felt this way yesterday so not much is happening in my life, although I need to do some shopping and tidy up a bit as John is coming in the evening.

It’s World Autism Awareness Day today, but I already posted a special post regarding that a few days ago, when I was in the radio. The recording should be available on the radio website, but I didn’t go to see it yet. It seems so surreal to me that I pretend it’s not happening. The same way as I cannot quite believe I’m a blogger.

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