I sent the following email to Mr Scope and Mr Henderson:


I am writing this time to give you a direct ultimatum – in case you didn’t get my less direct communication.

I am the most self aware autistic blogger out there, which is a result of being influenced by my diagnostician (…) – have a look at the transcript of my presentation titled Other people perspective (password is Smardzewice).

That will explain to you clearly that we need changes in how autistic people are being supported. I am that autistic who started talking about that first.

I am also a digital artist – my Instagram is magda_regula. I also recently started volunteering for a local radio station that is very interested in working with autistic people and their stories.

And, most importantly – I have the most unusual employment tribunal story in the entire world. You will either join me so that we can tell it together – on my terms – or I’m going to ruin your career as I keep telling it by myself.

I don’t want your money, do you understand that? I want an impact and I want to finally be heard for what I have to offer to the world.

And it’s not even that you have to really admit to anything because it’s clear already. You just have to make a choice if you’re with me or against me.
If you choose to be against me, we will have a war. And I already won once, didn’t I?

But I need to know that, if you choose peace, this is genuine. If you are ready to make that choice, you have to contact Swindon 105.5, which is the radio station where I volunteer (contact details available online) and tell them why you’re calling by Saturday evening – 2nd of April is World Autism Awareness Day, that’s why I give you so much time.

I will leave it for you to decide how to word things – after all you’ll both neurotypicals, top executives, so I presume you’re great communicators. You will know what to say, I believe in you.

Good luck, whatever your choice is.

I suppose this email sounds quite harsh, but this is how people do ultimatums, don’t they? And anyway, we don’t like each other so this communication fits here perfectly well.

But I managed ‘I believe in you’ at the end.

Shortly after I sent it I checked my blog statistics and the transcript of my Other people perspective speech got 3 views! Normally it doesn’t get much attention at all, maybe 2 views a week – readers rarely read pages, mostly they just read the blog. So it looks to me like they’re not ignoring me totally. And why 3 views if there are two of them? I suppose one of them asked his wife to read it and give advice on how to handle the situation. So that would mean they are somehow concerned.

It’s a bit tricky trying to work out now what is going to happen, and anyway, although I gave them time till Saturday evening, it’s not like I’m suddenly going to do some damage on Sunday morning if they don’t conform. The reality is, even if they decide to join my effort in raising awareness of autistic people needs later on, I will still have to consider that or people will say I am mean.

But I wonder how they both feel now. I suppose Mr Scope, the lawyer who represented Home Group, is also a victim here. He didn’t advise Home Group to check paperwork about my diagnosis as we was most likely told that I’m total bonkers and he went along with this. But then, I don’t suppose he got that in writing so he didn’t cover himself and, if something happens, he could be made responsible for not giving his client the right advice.

Regarding Mr Henderson, CEO of Home Group, I don’t really know. I suppose he was also misled by the colleague who was giving me troubles but then, shouldn’t he take responsibility for what is happening in the company that he is in charge of? That’s how it usually works, doesn’t it? And if he doesn’t like it, he can always resign and get a job as a support worker instead.

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  1. I hope he makes the choice to call in.


    1. I hope that too.

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