My career – second thought

Image added on 23rd of April 2022

No, I can’t get a job in Nationwide. It doesn’t add up. But when I was writing the previous post I thought it did!

But I want something more than I have now. Is that bad? So many people out there want to achieve success. Is it bad to admit that I want it too? I’m not quite sure what neurotypical rules are for that. When I was growing up people just wanted to find a stable employment – the unemployment rate where I lived was 25 percent at the time, and on top of that it was quite common to not get paid in full.

So if someone said that they wanted success everyone would think they are crazy.

Therefore I never really learned if admitting to wanting success is ok or not. I noticed people admitting they wanted success after becoming successful, but that’s, I guess, is totally different thing.

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