I deleted a post

Image added on 23rd of April 2022

I stated here a few weeks ago that I don’t delete posts any more. I did that at the beginning, when I couldn’t decide what to blog about, but it become clear later on – I blog to record my thoughts and feelings so that other people could understand how an autistic person thinks. I can’t delete things now as everything reflects my mental state. Even if I’m upset about something and I worry that blogging about it would make readers upset, I think it is really important that people realise that we have negative emotions.

The only things I don’t include in my posts are those that could jeopardise other people privacy.

The blog post I deleted was about The Guy Who’s Life Fell Apart. I knew him from Reading and we started dating shortly after I moved to Swindon. His life fell apart in such a spectacular way that giving any details could really mean he’ll become recognised by his friends in case my blog gets some more views. But I didn’t delete the post because I was worried I gave too many details. No, I think I did well on that. But telling the story without the details felt like I wasn’t recording my thoughts any more.

So I guess I’ll leave it on that. Possibly I’ll come back to it later on, when I feel like it’s the right time.

Oh BTW, do you know that people mostly read my blog in Australia? It makes me feel like my readers are far away, in a very broad sense. And yesterday one of the volunteers on the radio asked to have a look at it and it felt so surreal. The first post at the time was Oxytocin theory and I was really glad he didn’t open it.

I guess I need to get used to the fact that people read THAT content and some of them will be guys.

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