Does Canada Goose, clothing company, actually exists?

It’s 11.10am, Friday. I had a bit of a bad morning but don’t want to give too many details here, or at least not now. I feel too emotional for that. Long story short I contacted Mark Henderson, CEO of Home Group twice! I will try to post about how it came to that later, when I calm down, and for now I will discuss the issue of clothing prices.

So there is this company called Canada Goose, their ad keeps popping up on my blockdocu game, but when I click on it the website doesn’t load. I checked on Google and I see the items they have on sale and I can see the prices but again, I can’t open the website. Not that I want to buy anything there – I’m just curious. The cheapest coat is over 500 quid and it goes to over 1k. And I think, is it worth it? Is it much better than my coat from Asos that I got for 40 on sale? I guess it will be a bit better, yes, but will it be 10 times better? Or over 20 times for the most expensive one?

People sometimes say ‘but it’s worth it’ when they’re trying to justify purchasing an item that is really expensive. Why? I presume because what they really want is social status associated with this item.

I really don’t like this expression because, the same like ‘I can’t afford it’ some autistic people will take it literally and think they are making good decision while in fact they will be putting themselves through financial hardship for nothing because, for us, social status doesn’t really mean much.

I obviously understand that product like those exist and people who can afford them exist as well. I’m not going to tell them to stop buying those. And, technically, if I choose to work full time, I could afford those too, but I always preferred to spend money on experiences. But please don’t say ‘but it’s worth it’ next time you buy something that is really expensive. Instead say that you want it. It’s much more direct and less confusing for us. And, I guess it may even feel liberating for you – yes, you have the right to spend your own money however you please. Just please, do not say that it’s worth it.

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