How to earn money blogging

Let me tell you from the start: I have no idea. I came accross a course yesterday, created by a travel blogger, that apparently covers this subject in full and, as that blogger admitted, contains information available online for free, but the course was created to save us effort looking for it. Nothing wrong with that, but the price was… $700! After I didn’t sign up for it for the first few hours it, I received an email with a special offer… $429 only. I still didn’t sign up for it.

I did notice recently that knowledge that is not necessarily useless, but a few years ago would be available in form of a book and cost approximately $20, is being sold now in form of online trainings for several times more. And that is probably how people really make money blogging.

I wonder, do I have any knowledge that I could make into an online course? Let me think…

Anyway, I am aware that popular bloggers get paid for promoting brands, but I doubt I’d ever get there. It’s not even about the number of readers I have: not too many at the moment but I believe that will change. But have you ever come accross a blogger who writes about difficult experiences and negative emotions and get approached by brands? I think, unfortunately, that is a sign that yes, mental health, disability, childhood neglect and discrimination are taboo, in a way. Brands prefer working with bloggers who are full of energy and always positive. I suppose they don’t want to be associated with any negative characteristics.

At the same time articles in magazines and online, book and films are very willing to discuss those difficult subjects. That is really strange, isn’t it?

So basically I doubt I will ever be able to earn money from blogging alone, but it could be possible that blogging will give me other opportunities, which I’m really hoping for but don’t really know what those could be.

Should I create that online course? Just joking!

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