I think the news are set up

Do you think I’m getting psychotic for thinking that?

I especially mean here the trip of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and some other people to Kiev. It didn’t make much sense to me that they went there, there was nothing that they could do by going and were only exposing themselves to danger.

But only recently I realised that advertising the trip beforehand was an extremely silly move. So those people exposed themselves to danger not only by going but also by advertising it, and yet nothing happened to them, they came back safe.

But it wouldn’t be impossible for news to be set up, would it? It’s a war time, it makes perfect sense to use every method to fight the enemy and I’m sure Putin reads BBC. Or someone translates it for him, because I’ve heard he doesn’t know English.

Fake news could be produced to confuse him and make other countries look vulnerable and naive so that Putin thought their leaders are stupid and stopped worrying about planning anything at all. Narcissists are actually pretty stupid people, so this could work. Obviously they are like that because all their mental energy goes into manipulating people on social level.

At the same time Putin must have been pretty pissed off about the fact that Morawiecki and his mates didn’t get killed.

I wonder now, however, if other people worked that out too. And if they did, did they know from the beginning, or realised it a bit later?

I took olanzapine almost two hours ago and I’m still not asleep. This is what thinking is doing to me.

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