My ‘hiya’ from Google came back

I wrote about it in I got lucky twice! post just a few days ago.

The 7ejGoogle statement came back on my mobile screen. This time, however, I feel quite concerned. The first time I thought it’s just a hilarious glitch, but if it disappeared and came back again, it’s not hilarious any more. It’s a cyber security concern! I don’t know what to do about that, though? Can I contact Google? I never seen their contact details anywhere. It’s the same with Facebook BTW, we can contact their moderators indirectly by reporting content but how to contact them about something else? Like for example to ask them to donate to a good cause – I mean, I know, they would need to hire several extra staff just to read through those emails, just in case one of them turned out to be important.

I feel like my cyber security has been jeopardised. Not fun. It’s 4am and I’m not sleeping. I feel quite cold for some reason, which is strange considering I’m covered with my heavy, luxurious duvet. Can this be stress reaction?

I was thinking about racism lately – you know, I don’t really know much about it. In Poland it hardly ever gets discussed because there’s almost no foreigners there. So it seems like the issue doesn’t exist. I only came to the UK when I was 29 I think, so with me being autistic there was loads of new stuff to adjust to and find out about. I don’t think I fully understood racism and the problem here is that people who are racists don’t usually admit it in any open way, so I can’t easily work out what they are thinking. So it seems to me like racism doesn’t exist.

But when I was scrolling through the choice of romantic comedies a few days ago, I realised I didn’t even see one where a person of ethnic minority would play a major part. Why is that? Is that because film producers are racists? Or do they just think that general public wouldn’t watch a film where a white guy would fall in love with a black girl? But then, is that true? And if it is, then does that mean general public is racist or they just find it difficult to emotionally connect with that scenario? But then, why? Because, possibly, they can’t see a black girl as ‘one of them’? In this case, I guess that really is racism, which is not very nice.

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