Why good concepts have such difficulties with breaking through?

I’m thinking here about two good concepts that I’m aware of: one is Sleep School technique, the other is my diagnostician communication methods.

I did already post a few times about my diagnostician and also the fact that I believe that Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is a narcissist, so I won’t be getting back to it now. I’ll just make further comments regarding Sleep School.

So basically, when I first considered signing up, I joined Facebook insomnia group to gather some more information, and guess what? There was no single person there who tried it. A few heard about it but even them didn’t consider to try it in the nearest future. One guy told me he ‘couldn’t afford it’ (British excuse for absolutely everything).

However, I, being Polish, could afford it, and also, you know, as a person with history of two psychotic episodes caused by stress related insomnia, I was ready to try anything. After a couple of weeks, when I knew it worked, I came back to the group to report on my experience, and guess what? No one was interested.

I suppose people thought it’s just another relaxation technique. But then how do we explain to them they’re mistaken? Somebody in position of leadership needs to do that, not me.

Is it possible that people who are in position of leadership are often narcissists? I mean, narcissists love being leaders, we know that, and perhaps they choose a concept that is easy to grasp and they promote it, whether it’s working or not?

Because, let’s be honest, Sleep School technique is a bit tricky. I mean, there’s nothing difficult about it, except of the fact that you need to be honest about your intentions the entire time. If you want to make it quick for yourself and use it with intention to relax, it won’t work and you can even get more stressed as a result.

While with standard meditation the intension is clear: you do it to relax, so nothing is tricky. The problem appears later, when you, like me today, are wide awake two hours after your usual bedtime and are absolutely scared of any attempts of falling asleep again.

I wonder where else I can find situations like that: where the right concept doesn’t have a chance to shine while things that don’t work get promoted instead.

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