Meditation vs Sleep School technique

The last couple of nights I’m having problem with falling asleep. And I think, the last time I used Sleep School app was probably 11th of January, so not thay long ago really. And unfortunately, I keep suspecting it’s the meditation that I do to visualise that is messing about with my sleep.

The standart type of meditation can be very relaxing but it’s waking me up as a result. Would be great to do in the morning. The thing is, however, I can’t easily switch back and forth between those two techniques, which is quite strange as I thought Sleep School technique became my second nature by now.

So basically, instead of falling to sleep ‘naturally’, that I learned to do, I somehow got my brain confused and I start meditating in the evening. Really annoying!

I think it’s time to buy Sleep School app subscription again, but I’ll do that tomorrow. For today I’ll just wait a bit longer to fall asleep. I’m still doing much better than it used to be – maybe 30 minutes instead of 2h. But then, two months ago I’d fall asleep within 3 minutes!

I wonder if I learn to swich between standard meditation and Sleep School technique so that I could choose on demand which one I want to use. I suppose if I consistently practice both for a period of time, it may happen? I guess I could also book an online appointment with Sleep School specialist, but then those inappropriate emails I sent them last year! Omg, God forbid! I’d never speak with them again! Unless, of course, my sleep depends on this.

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