Does Law of Attraction work?

I just saw this ad on my block sudoku game: Law of Attraction really works. That’s why you’re completely broke.

And I thought: I’m not broke. Are you telling me that I can be?

Strange how mind works, isn’t it?

Anyway, how ads work is that they display content similar to what one interacted with already. I don’t normally mind it, although it can get a bit annoying at times. Like with this one.

Law of Attraction is apparently one of the universal laws of life. No one ever proved that it works, although some claim that they did. How it works is, that if you really want something, think about it positively and meditate about it, you’re going to get it. And I think, it’s probably not as simple as that.

First of all we can’t all be millionaires because who would then take our rubbish away?

However, what I find quite disturbing in autistic community is that we focus on our negative traits a lot. And I’m thinking, what effect is it going to have on us, if we constantly telling each other that ‘I’m autistic so I have meltdowns and they are really bad’?

We need to find a balance between advocating for ourselves and focusing on positives. I’m sure a little bit of positive thinking woud do us all good.

If it comes to me, I realised, Law of Attraction cannot work for me now. If my life becomes too easy, I’ll have nothing to blog about.

I thought it’s Monday and it turned out it’s actually Sunday. It feels like I can spend one more day in bed, even though I have no plans for tomorrow. I still have no sick note, the GP is meant to call me on Wednesday. I felt quite ok mentally for a few days, although I’m now wondering whether that was possibly due to the cold? I mean the fact that I had a cold made me less aware of my feelings so I forgot that I am depressed?

It seems to me I won’t be able to cope in life without mum. She was always fixing things for me. Not that they worked, that is a different story, but she made them appeared like if they did. And now not only that this is not being provided, but also I need to make an effort to decide if I want my life to work or only to appear like it’s working. It’s not an easy task to do.

It’s 8.05am and it’s sunny outside. I may go out and do some shopping, although I don’t really feel like it. I much rather prefer they get delivered and left outside of my front door, but online shopping requires much more brain processing power.

Ok, I’ll do some visualisation and see how I feel afterwards. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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