I don’t have covid

I am not sure if I posted about the fact that I worked in a care home with some civid cases over the last weekend? So when I developed cold symptoms on Tuesday morning I got rather concerned and ordered a home test kit from NHS website. It got delivered on Wednesday so I posted it as soon as possible and had the results on Thursday morning. It was rather quick I must say.

I’d say I’d prefer it to be positive. At least I’d know how I experience it and I’d stop worrying that it will make me really unwell. The thing is also that even though I don’t have covid, I don’t feel well at all. I’m very tired and dizzy. Yesterday I didn’t even feel like I can go out and collect my rubbish bin from the street, so I left it till today.

I spend all my time online now, unless I’m napping, which happens quite a lot. I am also trying to think how to spread the message I am trying to deliver on this blog: we are constantly being told that we need to talk directly to autistic people but I proved this is not true. Where can I go with that? What to do so that people wanted to listen?

It seems loads of autistic people have their YouTube channels and, as much as I understand the convenience of watching a video over reading a blog, I doubt I’d manage to convey my message this way. So blogging has to stay for now. But I wonder what else I can do?

It’s quite strange that, despite being unwell, my thinking process seems almost unaffected. Still, I didn’t post for a couple of day as I’m still thinking about the same thing. I presume that could be a bit boring to read.

If you have any ideas, please let me know. I really appreciate.

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