The problem with being anonymous

I gave an interview a couple of months ago on Learn from Autistics blog that contains my full name, so people can still Google me. I’m not entirely sure if I’m right but my impression is that even if my surname gets removed now, after Google listed that website people will still be able to see it in their search results if they search for my full name.

The other thing is, which I totally didn’t realise at first (that’s the lack of social imagination for you) that if I blog anonymously, I’ll end up even more scared that I may be eventually find out.

So being anonymous is not a solution. Anyway, I think I may be having a cold. I have a bit of a sore throat (funny thing, I mentioned the other day that I didn’t have sore throat for 20 years) and I’m very tired. I mean I’m tired a lot anyway, so that’s not a real symptom, but sore throat is rather uncomfortable.

I had this idea to turn my spare bedroom into a dressing room. I need to remove some furniture for that to happen so I listed two items so far on Facebook marketplace. I have another two furniture pieces to get rid of from that room and some acrylic paint and canvases but I don’t feel I can do that all at once. At first those two already posted need to go so that I can move to the next one. This is not ideal and will only make everything take longer but I can’t seem to be able to do that in any different way.

Anyway, back to my resting. I really hope that’s not covid!

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