Just do it! (Do I need a life coach?)

I’m wondering what is happening to me now? Possibly it’s all those visualisations side effect? Basically, I suddenly want to change my life, and all of it!

The problem with visualisation is that, although I am making an effort to only use is as a tool to make me realise that future will happen (I find it extremely difficult to move forward after my mum passed away), when I’m actually starting it I find it impossible to focus on every day events like going to work or getting a haircut. Instead I’m visualising being rich and famous. I can’t help it, that’s the only way this wants to work for me!

And now, although I am much more optimistic than I was even yesterday morning, I suddenly want to change all my life around, get a life coach and start reading Paul McKenna. The thing is though, that I’m painfully aware how this is going to end: I won’t be able to change my life in 7 days, that’s for sure! Possibly a neurotypical person could? But still, not everyone. I know neurotypical people who are brilliant communicators and can’t get recognition they deserve, so possibly this is all not as easy as some life coaches want us to believe?

And then, what is going to happen, after my life doesn’t change in those 7 days, I’ll end up rejecting everything from that book, even the things that were working for me ok and kept me feeling positive and energetic. I really wish that I wasn’t as black and white, but then, part of me says: if this is so great, why I have to make any adjustments to it? And I have to admit that my question makes perfect sense.

Have you ever heard about a book called ‘(Positive thinking)/10’? Me neither. But I’d like to read it. It could be perfect for me.

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